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Mixed Hors D'oeuvres for one person 4.20
Mixed Hors D'oeuvres for two persons 7.60
combination of plate of chicken tikka, sheek kebab, samosa and onion bhajee. Served with salad garnish
Tandoori Chicken with fresh herbs £ 3.25
quarter of spring chicken (on the bone) marinated in a delicious mildly spiced sauce. Then BBQ'd over charcoal and served with salad garnish
Lamb or Chicken Tikka with fresh herbs 3.25
tender pieces of chicken breast, marinated in a deliciously mildly spiced sauce. Then BBQ'd over charcoal and served with salad garnish
Sheek Kebab medium 3.45
two pieces of spicy hot kebab made with minced lamb, coriander, ginger, garlic, green chillies and spices. Served with salad garnish
Reshmi Kebab with egg lace 3.45
spicy hot cutlet made with minced lamb, coriander; ginger, garlic, green chillies and spices. Then fried and garnished with fine egg lace
Bombay 'Hot' Wings £3.25
pieces of chicken wing marinated in a spicy hot sauce then BBQ'd over charcoal. Served with salad garnish
Vegetable Pakora £3.25
spring vegetable balls or chicken mildly spiced, coated in batter then deep fried. Served with salad garnish
Onion Bhajee  £2.95
four pieces of crispy deep fried onion bhajee, made with fresh onions, gram flour, eggs and spices
Samosa meat or vegetable £2.95
crispy pastry packets filled with seasonal vegetables or minced lamb, slightly spiced and deep fried.
Prawn Cocktail £3.25
succulent prawns on a bed of salad and topped with a delicious cocktail sauce
Chot Potti chick peas with spice tangy sauce £2.95
chick peas cooked in a spicy hot sauce with turmeric, coriander, ginger, garlic and green chillies. Served on egg lace base
Chicken Tikka Chat with egg lace £3.50
chicken tikka pieces cooked in a spicy sauce and garnished with egg lace
King Prawn Butterfly £4.50
a large king prawn (langustine) butter filled and coated in breadcrumbs then golden fried. Served with salad
Mushroom Puri  3.25
fresh button mushrooms cooked in a spicy sauce and served on a light, deep fried bread base
Prawn Puri     £3.50
succulent prawns cooked in a spicy sauce and served on a light, deep fried bread base
King Prawn Puri   4.80
succulent king prawns cooked in a spicy sauce and served on a light, deep fried bread base
Tandoori Lamb Chop on the bone 4.95
marinated in a deliciously spiced sauce, then BBQ'd over clay oven and served with salad
Shahi Prawn £3.95
tiger prawns deep fried and served with red sauce
Salmon Tikka fish £4.50
salmon fish marinated in spiced yoghurt then grilled in the clay oven
Tikka Kebab Platter (for 2 persons) 7.80
tandoori chicken, sheek kebab, lamb tikka and chicken tikka served with salad
Tandoori BBQ Dishes (Mild)
The tenderest pieces of lamb, chicken or king prawn marinated in a delicious, mildly spiced sauce with herbs and spices, then BBQ'd over charcoal in a clay oven. Served on a sizzling iron skillet with a salad garnish.
Tandoori Chicken with fresh herbs 5.95
half spring chicken on the bone
Chicken or Lamb Tikka with fresh herbs 5.95
chicken breast pieces
Vegetable Shashlick 5.95
courgette, aubergines, mushrooms, tomato, onions & green peppers
Lamb or Chicken Shashlick 7.50
lamb or chicken with green peppers, tomatoes & onion
Tandoori King Prawn 11.95
large warm water king prawns, exquisitely grilled
Tandoori Mixed Grill 9.95
the best way to taste them all in one plate
Duck Tikka 7.75
with fresh herbs barbecued duck meat marinated in spice
Tandoori Lamb Chop 8.50
on the bone chop marinated in spices
Ponir Shashlick 7.95
Sizzling Chicken Nawabi 8.95
with ginger, onion, herbs & spice
Salmon Tikka 7.95
salmon fish marinated in spiced yoghurt then grilled in the clay oven
Traditional Curry Dishes
Available in chicken, lamb, prawn or vegetable options. King prawn options £3.00 extra.

All our curry dishes are prepared in the most traditional way with fresh herbs and spices e.g. cinnamon, coriander, garlic, ginger, turmeric, chilli and bay leaves to name but a few.
Classic Curry medium 5.45
Madras hot 5.45
Vindaloo very hot 5.45
Bhuna medium, extra spicy with a dry sauce 5.45
Rogan Gosh medium 5.45
cooked with lots of tomatoes, peppers & onions in a rich spicy sauce
Korma mild 5.45
a delicate dish, with mild spices and cream, ideal for beginners
Dupiaza medium 5.45
a tasty dish seasoned with selected spices & lots of onions for onion fiends
Dhansak hot 5.45
an exotic dish in a thick, tangy sauce cooked with lentils delicious
Patia hot, sweet and sour 5.45
Machli Bhuna fish £6.50
Biriani Dishes (Mild)
Your choice as below is prepared with subtle spices & cooked with aromatic pulao rice, sultanas, coconut and almonds. Served with a separate mixed vegetable curry. Great for beginners.
Dil’s Special Biriani £9.95
chicken, meat, prawn & king prawn
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn Biriani 7.75
Chicken Tikka Biriani 8.25
King Prawns succulent warm water king prawns £9.95
Shahee Chicken Biriani 9.50
tandoori chicken grilled off the bone, lightly spiced with nuts and raisins
Vegetable Biriani £6.75
Balti Dishes (Medium)
Your choice of the tenderest chicken, lamb or king prawns are marinated in ginger, garlic, coriander and yoghurt. Then cooked with "home dry roasted" spices in a spicy sauce with a touch of mint and green chillies, giving a unique taste and flavour, garnished with red peppers, green peppers and onions. Served in a traditional "Balti" dish.
Special Mixed Balti 9.50
Chicken or Lamb Balti 7.75
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Balti 8.50
King Prawn Balti 9.95
Vegetarian Balti 5.95
Duck Tikka Balti £8.95
Fish Balti £7.95
Prawn Balti £7.95
Vegetable Side Dishes
(These dishes can also be served as a Main Meal)

Fresh from the garden. or someone's garden ! All dishes are prepared with subtle herbs and spices selected to bring out the vegetables own distinctive taste. A must to accompany any main dish.
Saag Ponir spinach & cheese 3.50
Mushrooms with fresh herbs 3.30
Saag Aloo spinach with potato 3.30
French Beans with coriander 3.30
Aloo Begoon potato with aubergine 3.30
Mottor Ponir cheese with peas 3.60
Mixed Vegetables seasonal vegetables 3.30
Courgette Bhajee 3.50
Aloo Gobi potato with cauliflower 3.30
Cauliflower Bhajee 3.30
Tarka Dall lentils & garlic 3.30
Bhindi with onion & okra 3.30
Bombay Aloo potato 3.30
Channa Massala chick peas 3.30
Saag Bhajee with fresh herbs 3.30
Bhindi Aloo okra & potato 3.50
Niramish 3.95
a popular green vegetarian dish exhibiting the subtlest hints of flavours when fried
Sundry Dishes
Steamed Rice long grain 2.20
Aromatic Pulao Rice basmati 2.50
Mushroom Rice basmati £2.80
Vegetable Rice basmati 2.80
Special Rice nuts, sultanas, egg, peas & carrots 2.80
Oriental Rice slightly spiced, prawns and peas £3.25
Keema Pulao Rice mince meat with rice £3.50
Egg Pulao Rice 2.80
Bombay Noodles £3.50
Poratha unleavened fried bread 1.95
Chapati £1.00
Naan Bread leavened bread £1.95
Keema Naan spicy lamb filling 2.30
Garlic or Vegetable Naan £2.30
Pashwari Naan fruit, nuts and honey filling 2.30
Cheese Naan 2.30
Kashmiri Naan with honey 2.30
Balti Naan 2.15
Papadoms £0.50
Indian Salad in chilli dressing £1.95
Cucumber or Onion Raitha yoghurt based dip £1.95
Pickles and Chutneys £0.50
English Dishes
Golden Fried Cod & Chips £7.95
served with chopped potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and peas
Golden Fried Scampi & Chips £7.95
served with chipped potatoes. mushrooms, tomatoes and peas
Three Egg Omelette & Chips £6.95
choice of plain, cheese, chicken, prawn or mushroom. Served with chipped potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and peas
Chicken Nuggets & Chips £7.95
golden fried and served with chipped potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and peas
Chips 2.30
Dil's Chef's Recommendations
Naga Chicken / Naga Lamb hot 7.50
prepared in a thick sauce with special kind of chilli only available in Bangladesh
Madhu Murgh mild 7.50
tender fillets of chicken breast marinated in delicate spices and yoghurt. Gently cooked with cashew nuts, sultanas, ground nuts, honey and fresh cream in sauce.
Captain's Pathila hot   £7.50
tender strips of chicken, Iamb or prawns prepared with very special herbs and spices including coriander, mint, garlic and yoghurt in a rich, tangy sauce. This really is an exotic and flavoursome dish
Tikka Moricha hot £6.95
fairly hot, chicken or lamb barbecued & cooked with green chilli & tomatoes with authentic herbs & spices
Karai Lamb or Chicken medium £6.95
tender fillet of lamb or chicken marinated in garlic, ginger and coriander then cooked in a richly spiced sauce with peppers, tomatoes and onions.
Badami Saag Gosth or Chicken medium £6.95
tender fillet of lamb or chicken marinated in garlic, ginger & coriander then cooked with spinach, onion, tomatoes & cashew nuts delicately spiced
Murghi Palok medium 7.50
chicken or lamb marinated in ginger , garlic then cooked with lentil, spinach & onion.
Village Style Begoon medium £6.95
a delicious alternative to meat or fish dishes. Fresh slices of okra cooked with ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers and cashew nuts. Topped with tried discs fresh aubergine. Garnished with fresh coriander, saffron and onions.
Haryaly Chicken Mossala medium £7.95
chicken baked in a marinate of spinach mint & coriander
Lamb Xacuti hot 7.50
very popular Goan dish, lamb cooked with roasted fennels seeds cloves of garlic and other spices.
Tandoori Shashlick with spicy sauce 10.45
a mixed grill of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, Iamb tikka and tandoori king prawns, topped with a delicious spicy sauce and garnished with .fried tomato, green pepper and onion.
Khadi Gosht medium hot £6.95
this medium hot lamb stew is made to a central Indian, it features special sauce made with whole con coriander bulb chilli for a highly distinctive flavour.
King Prawn Nawabi medium £10.95
medium strength juicy dish laced with almond powder, fresh tomato with a touch of cream.
Chicken or Lamb Rezala medium £6.95
pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in a hot and slightly tangy sauce made with fresh tarnish chillies.
Tawa Ghost or Chicken £7.95
lamb or chicken marinated with chef's special thick sauce then cooked with ginger, garlic, mustard seed, green chillies and soya sauce, served in a hot iron tawa
Bengal Roast Chicken medium £7.95
whole breast of chicken fried over slow fire then cooked with yoghurt tand lots of fried onions and fresh herbs of dil’s restaurant.
Akbori Massala medium 7.50
boneless spring chicken grilled on charcoal then cooked with almond flaked nuts with lightly spiced creamy sauce in a specially made thick spicy but mild dish
King Prawn Chilli Massala fairly hot £12.95
BBQ king prawn cooked with garlic ginger and tomato in rich spicy hot and sweet chilly sauce.
Shatkora Chicken / Shatkora Lamb medium £7.50
Shatkora, a special lime - only available in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh - has a unique aromatic taste that is distinct from any other limes. When used wisely it gives off a flavour that is unmatched. Cooked in Bengal spices in a thick sauce.
House & Tikka Specialities
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Massala mild 7.50
tender pieces of chicken or lamb grilled over charcoal then gently cooked in a rich sauce with sultanas, nuts, coconut and fresh cream- scrummy !
Duck Tikka Massala mild £8.95
barbequed duck meat grilled over charcoal then gently cooked in a rich sauce with sultanas, nuts, coconut and fresh cream- scrummy !
Tandoori King Prawn Massala mild £12.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Jalfrezie hot £6.95
tender pieces of marinated chicken or lamb grilled, then cooked in a pungent sauce prepared with onions, tomatoes, peppers and fresh green chillies some like it hot!
Duck Tikka Jalfrezie hot £8.95
King Prawn Jalfrezie hot £9.95
Chicken or Lamb Passanda mild £7.95
Tender pieces of chicken or lamb, marinated in delicate spices & yoghurt, then cooked with ground nuts, almonds and fresh cream in a deliciously rich wine sauce.  An extravagant dish indeed
Batak Sagrana (duck) medium 9.50
an exceptional duck dish Dil’s chef own special recipe
Korai King Prawn medium £8.95
cooked in a richly spiced sauce with peppers, tomatoes and onion
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Chilli Massala fairly hot £7.95
barbequed chicken meat with hint of chilli sauce, onions, herbs and spice
Butter Chicken or Lamb mild £7.95
Chicken Tikka Dhansak £6.95
Lamb Tikka Madras / Rogan / Bhuna / Korma / Dupiaza £6.95
Lamb Tikka cooked in one of the following styles: Madras / Rogan / Bhuna / Korma or Dupiaza
Chicken Tikka Madras / Rogan / Bhuna / Korma / Dupiaza £6.95
Chicken Tikka cooked in one of the following styles: Madras / Rogan / Bhuna / Korma or Dupiaza
Supreme Seafood
Machli Ghashi medium to mild 7.95
Fresh Ayr fish cooked with tomato, coriander seeds, fresh lemon juice.
Roop Chada 11.95
Golden brown whole fish cooked under slow heat with chopped onion, coriander and touch of garlic spice
Machli Dall hot, sweet and sour 7.95
Cooked with red lentils in a thick sauce
Fish Dupiaza 7.80
Mouth-watering boneless chunks of sweet water fish (known as giash) flavoured with fried brown onion & coriander